Paws Crossed

Bear's Story


Bear was pulled from a shelter.  The workers said he tried to bite everyone and was not friendly.  I went to visit him and he growled at me and I pulled him out of his crate and then he settled.  We knew we needed to get him.. One of our board members went to get him and took him to the vet .  The vet did an exam and told us he was a very sick boy.  He had a bacterial infection from some animal that had bit him mutltiple times.  He was treated with alot of medications and had areas shaved that were more severe.  He was sent to his foster family, Sarju Patel.  He thrived there with food and love and became a very sweet, playful pup.  When he was feeling better, we advertised him and his forever family so his picture and knew that they would like to give him a forever home.  He left for that home Thursday and is safe, loved and with his family.