Paws Crossed



Update: Goldie has grown back almost all her hair.  She is crate and house trained and we are slowly training her how to walk on a leash.  She is starting to play fetch and she loves playing with the other foster dogs.  Her confidence is building and she trusts a couple of people in our home now.  She has not  been spayed yet.  She has gained almost enough weight to be at her goal weight and her skin infections have all healed.  She is a Chesepeak Retriever Mix.  She is amazing, loving and resilient.  We updated her picture so you could see what a beauty she is.

We want you to meet Goldie.  Why?  Because she will be a success story.  We had received numerous phone calls about her.  They all said she was mangy, sick, starved and skiddish. After the last caller gave us a description of the area where she could be found , we set out on this journey.  We got out to the area and saw a handful of dogs chained, crated...all who would love to be rescue, but that was not our mission today.  We asked locals about her and they said they ran her off earlier. We drove around for a few min and she ran out of the woods and away from us.  We were able to get her to us by giving her food and she was definitely a hungry girl.  She let me put a leash and collar on her and cried a little at being controlled, but we calmed her with food.  We wrapped a blanket around her and softly talked to her and stroked her.  She eventually calmed and let us pick her up and put her in a crate.  

She has lost most of her fur.  She has skin ulcers that are leaking pus and blood.  She would move her head and her skin broke open and bled. She has ear lesions, skin lesions.  Her nails are about an inch long. She is young, between 6-12 months old.  She has zero body fat.  The next few days will be pretty critical for her, but her heart and lungs are strong so she is a fighter.  

Prayers and good thoughts appreciate.  Follow her story here on our website or on Paws Crossed Dog Rescue, Inc Group page.  More to come.